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What’s goin’ on y’all? Back at ‘cha with another episode.

If you aren’t already aware, I’m a huge Little Brother fan. Dope beats, dope rhymes, straight hip hop. Plus they represent the state directly to my north (North Carolina) so you know I definitely got love for that.

What you may not be aware of is that I’m now also a huge Zo! fan. The brother makes some of the most melodic music I’ve ever heard, and his cover tracks are off the chain too. I don’t know how he does it, but I must say that after hearing his music, I wish I had taken those piano lessons my mom offered when I was about 8 years old.

Recently, Zo! and Phonte from Little Brother hooked up to create Zo! And Tigallo Love the 80’s. A collection of cover tracks with Zo! providing the instruments and Phonte on vocals, this album is an 80’s pop music fans dream. And on top of all that, they only pressed up 2,500 individually numbered copies. (I got copy No. 0015, suckas!)

This episode features their cover of “Africa” by Toto.

Click here here to download the originals of the songs they covered.

Visit these sites to pick up a copy of Zo! And Tigallo Love the 80’s while supplies last.

What’s up people? In keeping with the theme of my podcast, soul, samples, and some hip hop, I bring you some hip hop. Coming straight outta South Coca (South Carolina for the rest of y’all) is Preach, and he’s back with a new mixtape. Welcome to Blutopia Sedgwick & Cedar 73 rmx is freestyles, basement rough drafts, and 100% hip hop. Featuring unreleased tracks, album tracks and some stuff from the vault, Preach hits us with dope rhymes over dope beats (what more could y’all want?!?! © Phonte). But for real though, Preach lays it down just as smooth as he did on his album “Garveyism”. Obviously its dope, or one of the flyest hip hop clothing lines, Sedgwick & Cedar 73, wouldn’t have co-signed it! Download it now, unless you’re not into hip hop. In that case, download it RIGHT NOW and listen to it until you sprain your neck from bobbin’ your head! Check out “Oh Yes” on the podcast, and download the entire mixtape here: Zshare Megaupload Rapidshare Don’t forget to check Preach out EVERYWHERE online Website http://www.preachjacobs.com/ Myspace http://www.myspace.com/kindablu Podcast http://preachjacobs.mypodcast.com Comic Strip http://welcometoblutopia.blogspot.com/ Buy his music! http://cdbaby.com/cd/preachhiphop

Rap doesn't have a monopoly on sampling. R&B digs in the crates every now and then too. In my opinion, it's usually never as obvious as it is in rap, but it's there. I originally intended to do a R&B samples month, (back in my "structured podcast" days) but after listening to this song I had to go ahead and throw this up for all 3 of y'all that listen to my podcast. This episode features the sample used for Teedra Moses' "Youll Never Find (A Better Woman)". The song, Alicia Myers' "Better Woman Or Bigger Fool". You may remember Alicia Myers from the group One Way, who had the hit Cutie Pie.


With all the Lil' Wayne hoopla going on I thought I'd get in, in my own special way. When I copped Little Brother's album "Getback", the last person I expected to see with a feature was Lil' Wayne. And with 9th Wonder only getting 1 beat on the album, it figures Lil' Wayne would get on it and do his "thing". None the less, Breakin' My Heart is a dope song and a dope beat. Check out Tamiko Jones' "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".


“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you…”


“Once again, back it’s the incredible…”


“Guess who’s back in the muthaf…”


Lets’ just start at the beginning. I know some of y'all are suprised to see me back. I started this podcast to share music I like and to shed some light on some well deserving music and musical topics. Things went well until real world demands (paying job) overrode those of the podcast demands (non-profit leisure). Once again drawing on the inspiration of this guy, I realized that every month doesn’t have to be themed, every week doesn’t have to have a post, and every post doesn’t have to be on the same day of the week each week. Just post! I took something that was fun and made it into a job.

Now it’s back to being fun again. When will I post? Who knows! How often will I post? Who cares? All you need to know is that I’m back at it again!

So without further adieu, I bring you Sy Smith. The song, “Fly Away With Me” from her album “Conflict”. I first heard this on Gordon Gartrell Radio and was hooked from there. She’s got a dope voice and the production on this track begs you to vibe along.

Visit her online at www.sysmith.com Purchase her album "Conflict" online here.


Y'all know what it is!

This week features The Stylistics', "One Night Affair". This song was sampled by 9th Wonder, formerly of Little Brother for their song "Lovin' It" on their album The Minstrel Show.


The week isn't over yet!

This week features Michael Sterling's, "Lovers and Friends". This song was sampled by Lil Jon for his song by the same name "Lovers and Friends" on his album Crunk Juice.


This week is short on words!

This week features Willie Hutch's, "Telly Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold". This song was sampled by Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia for their song "Stay Fly" on their album Most Known Unknown.



Usually someone will say this and try to back it up with statements like "they don't be talkin' 'bout nothin'" or "every song got a wack a$$ dance to go with it". Let's face it, lyrical content is lacking in MOST of mainstream hip hop, and the Yung Joc "motorcycle" dance is far superior to the harlem shake! (Not because I'm from the south, but because non dancing people like me can do it!)

The one thing that no one can deny is that the south got dem beets! Yes, believe it or not, the South digs crates. This month I will feature samples from songs that are either produced by southern producers, or rapped over by southern MC's.

This week features The Isley's Brothers, "Ain't I Been Good To You". This song was sampled by Pimp C of UGK for their song "One Day" on their classic album Ridin' Dirty.



Late? Yes. Dope music? Yes. Worth the wait? Probably.

This week features my personal favorite artist of all time, Stevie Wonder. Stevie is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. That's not my opinion, that's a documented fact! One of the things that I also admire about Stevie is how everyone thinks they can sing his songs, yet none of them come close. His voice is deceptive in the way he makes every song he sings sound easy. Honestly, I've never cried when an artist/celebrity has died, but I may just shed some tears when Stevie gets called home.

This song, "You've Got It Bad Girl" was sampled by Preach for his song "Believe".

Preach, a South Caroliina MC, is what I've found to be a rare breed in South Carolina, the South, or in rap period: a rapper that isn't talking about the trap, drugs, ho's, etc. While MC's that do talk about those things claim to be only telling what they see everyday, Preach does the same thing from the other side of the tracks. From "wasting time working in a shoping mall" to not being able to kick it with any female that disses Stevie Wonder, Preach comes across a humble dude that cares about his craft and pays close attention to every detail. Like Danny!, Preach gives me hope for Hip Hop in South Carolina.

Check out more from Preach online!

As with all artists that I'll feature this month, I encourage you to check out more of their music other than the songs that have been sampled.


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